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Releasing Indecision and Perfectionism

Feeling Buried? Is over-thinking killing your spirit?

  • Is that critical committee you carry inside your cranium committed to driving you crazy, too?
  • Do you worry about making “right” decisions – and, like me, often to the detriment of not taking any action?
  • Have you also spent hours, days, years, decades – pondering, distracted by (and trying to control!) all the varied and possible (and impossible) outcomes?
  • Is that secret guardian of your envious, judgmental, resentful thoughts towards others dying to blow your cover?
  • Do you have a sense of underlying shame — a fear of saying or doing the “wrong” thing, or terrified others might find out you have no idea what you are really supposed to be doing?

Me too — so what now? In this 4-hour workshop we will discover

  • How our thought processes keep us stuck
  • Experiencing the power, joy and purpose of forgiveness
  • The delight of connecting with others who are just like you
  • How we might play with both focus and trust in our guidance
  • Practical tools for decision-making to release fear and outworn stories!
  • Inspired action as a way of LIFE
  • Supporting ourselves is synonymous with being kind
  • The experience of inner freedom through risking something new
  • A renewed sense of inner peace, possibility and purpose

Join me and a small group of like-minded individuals as we dig ourselves out of the graveyard of indecision and perfectionism!


Finding a balance between structure and improv, Playshops are designed to be both flexible and fun. Using written and experiential exercises we work both in groups and with each other, so we can stimulate different parts of our conscious and unconscious awareness. As we explore more deeply what is present in the moment and what might be blocking our desired future, we make peace with what triggers us as well as with what brings us joy, which ultimately helps each of us co-create the life we've always wanted!