Fire Work for Freedom

Submitted by Marianne on Sun, 06.29.2014 – 4:57pm

Where I won’t look, I hook. It is probably human nature to avoid looking at our shadow sides; to take responsibility for what is showing up.  Who/What pisses us off, when we get triggered, where we get upset – it’s so much “easier” to blame “them” or the “circumstances.” Yet I see over and over again – with both myself and my clients – that there is always a treasure to be found when we are willing to dive deeper.

I’ve had a series of “AHAs!” over the last few weeks, in an important area of life I had been avoiding. FOR YEARS. In fact, I was so hooked, I had no idea it was even really a place to look.  In the process of uncovering my default “ignor-ance” stance in this area, I saw (again!) how my strategies of “ignore-and-soar” as well as “deny-to-fly” were actually contributing to my fears, as opposed to the alleviating them! When I skip (happily, of course) right over an important step (that is, the willingness to be with what is actually so, which isn’t always so love-and-light-ish)  I lose the ability to embrace the catalysts of inner-captivity.

As a result, I became ridiculously aware of an ever-growing series of irritations…in the forms of other people, distractions, judgments, anger, resentment, inaction. They were EVERYWHERE. And I mean, EVERYWHERE.  And the only common denominator was ME.  Oh-oh…something must be up.

To my credit, once I get past the denial, I am the champion of projections. I know damn well these annoyances won’t go away; and, in fact, they WILL actually multiply, until I take responsibility for what is being reflected in me.  Yeah, yeah, I get it.  At some level, they are all mirrors.  Cracked mirrors.  Damn it.  Again.  OK. So really now – no choice.

Except the “when.” Translation: How long am I willing to suffer?

Time to start creating and experiencing the breakthroughs I dimly (and resentfully, I might add) suspect just might be on the other side.  It’s weird, but no matter how long I’ve been doing this work – this fire-work… when I’m walking on coals, it’s easy to forget that “coolness” is just past the blast. Waiting for me on the other side is always freedom, forgiveness, and fun. Then I get to experience more joy, healthier relationships with self and others, and all kinds of perks.

But I first have to be willing to honestly face what is in my face.   Experience has taught me that this is always the case.

Seriously, the rhymes are unintentional. In the beginning, they always are.  Apparently a new poem is not afar…but I digress.

Time and again, I am shown that the only way over is through. And for me, having a partner, a trusted guide, to stand by my side, is essential. And in my line of work, I often serve as the guide.  But the truth is, when it comes to my own stuff, I simply don’t know the way!  So the humility of getting support from my own amazing Coach is always a breakthrough in itself.

Conveniently, my spiritual path teaches that we “enter the kingdom two-by-two.”  Thank God.  (And yes, at one point in the middle of my breakdown, when that blinding spotlight was focused on me, I said to my coach, “Quite honestly, I am really sorry I brought it up in the first place.”  We both laughed heartily, because by then, we both knew it was already too late.  Again, thank God.)

So, what is an overt (or, perhaps more likely — covert!) place in life where you “hook” – and don’t look?  Where is your current fire-work?

Is it Finances? Work? Relationships? Romance? Worthiness? Procrastination? Family-of-Origin? Creativity? Health and Well Being issues?  Self-Talk? Resentment? Self-Care? Dreams you are ignoring? Fear you aren’t making a difference? Co-Dependency?  All of the above?  Trust me; I’ve been there, too!

Whatever it is, let’s get you scheduled for a 30-minute COMPLIMENTARY discovery session. Contact me using the form on this site so I can guide you on your way to your next empowering breakthrough!  After all, how much longer are you willing to suffer?

It’s firework time!  Let’s intentionally ignite your fires, so YOU can start lighting up your sky!