Releasing Indecision and Perfectionism

Feeling Buried? Is over-thinking killing your spirit?
October 27, 2018 1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Is that critical committee you carry inside your cranium committed to driving you crazy, too?
  • Do you worry about making “right” decisions – and, like me, often to the detriment of not taking any action?
  • Have you also spent hours, days, years, decades – pondering, distracted by (and trying to control!) all the varied and possible (and impossible) outcomes?
  • Is that secret guardian of your envious, judgmental, resentful thoughts towards others dying to blow you

New You Re-Solutions

Promise, Presence, Purpose – celebrating a grand now year!
January 26, 2018 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Tired of the same old sh*t??? Hey, sometimes saying “F it!” to the same old story is totally appropriate! So let’s “F” your old sh*t and transform it into SHIFT! Please join me on Saturday, January 26th for our next Enlighten UP Playshop!

Meet and greet:

  • Your addiction contradictions!
  • Your truth sleuth/reflective detective!
  • Your life purpose!


What a Difference a Space Makes

Submitted by Marianne on Tue, 07.29.2014 – 5:00pm

While transcribing some journaling for my upcoming book (a.k.a., paying attention to that unmistakable still small voice) I became aware of the direction I was receiving to be “IN ACTION.”  From there, my wandering mind (um, no surprise that this particular Guidance was coaching me on distraction) became aware of the word “inaction.”

Indeed, isn’t it often in the space between the thoughts (OK, the space between the words, in this case) where we get the greatest insight?  I then checked my handy-dandy synonym list for the word “action” to see what would pop up.

Why Ask Why?

Submitted by Marianne on Tue, 09.09.2014 – 5:01pm

It’s important to know “why”, right?  But why even go there?  Why do different parts of me whine when I wonder about whying?  This can get very complicated when I let it.  Why would I do that – or why not?


Submitted by Marianne on Fri, 09.28.2018 – 5:01pm

Unless, of course, you feel compelled to do so. If you are with me thus far, perhaps something is urging you forward, in which case, please join me in proceeding. As I write, I am vaguely aware of a battle going on inside my brain. Should I write this? Is it stupid? Is it a waste of time? What’s the point…after all, there has to be a point. As my thoughts prattle on, so does my pen. Hmmm, interesting. I wonder where this is going.

Fire Work for Freedom

Submitted by Marianne on Sun, 06.29.2014 – 4:57pm

Where I won’t look, I hook. It is probably human nature to avoid looking at our shadow sides; to take responsibility for what is showing up.  Who/What pisses us off, when we get triggered, where we get upset – it’s so much “easier” to blame “them” or the “circumstances.” Yet I see over and over again – with both myself and my clients – that there is always a treasure to be found when we are willing to dive deeper.