• Tired of choosing between T/F, Multiple Guess and None of the Above?
  • What rules are you ready to break?
  • What/Who are your common denominators?

Finding a balance between structure and improv, Playshops are designed to be both flexible and fun. Using written and experiential exercises we work both in groups and with each…

  • Feeling abandoned and lost in outer space is exhausting!
  • Feeling like an alien from cone-headed parental units?
  • You are not a waste of space!
  • Now…
  • Learn to dig it as we weed and feed!
  • Make peas with our fertilizer!
  • Weather storms for our bountiful benefit!
  • Bring our seedlings to fruition!…
  • Co-Create a Life that is Magically Delicious
  • Take a Leap-rechaun into your rainbow to claim your pot o’ gold!
  • Open Hearts… Shimmering Squares… Telling…
  • Turning relationships into a game instead of a pain
  • Unmasking what you are really looking for in relationships and start receiving it
  • Remaining neutral…

Re-solutions await you now! In this workshop we will:

  • Discover our ultimate present
  • Jingle our judgments into joy
  • Learn how to shift feelings of…
  • Is that critical committee you carry inside your cranium committed to driving you crazy, too?
  • Do you worry about making “right” decisions – and, like me, often to…

Tired of the same old sh*t??? Hey, sometimes saying “F it!” to the same old story is totally appropriate! So let’s “F” your old sh*t and transform it into SHIFT! Please join me on…