Resentment to Reality to Relief

Submitted by Marianne on Wed, 07.16.2014 – 4:59pm

When I show up in my highest self – that is, with authenticity, vulnerability and loving acceptance, I give a gift.

To others? Maybe, maybe not.  To myself? Every damn time.

It is such a relief to be REAL!  And I am not talking “reality shows” – aka, getting drawn into the cobwebs of life’s drama.   I am referring to gut-level sharing.  What is REALLY going on?  Be honest.  Clear it up. Make some inner space with someone I trust.  Sharing from this level frees up a ton of energy.  My joy – and productivity – “magically” increases when I’m not either criticizing myself or endlessly focused on others or life circumstances – trying to “fix” what I perceive as “wrong” with me, them or us!

I also notice how things tend to backfire when I refuse to share authentically; or if I choose to withdraw – and keep it all bottled up, only for myself, thank you very much.

Hmmm, when I am REALLY honest, I realize that either of those two choices are always based in something like fear, shame, judgment, anger, guilt, or resentment.

And the result of refusal to share authentically is:  Drum roll, please… I am the one who suffers.

MY fear, judgment, guilt and resentment are actually increased. I am being cheap, in a way. Or hoarding.

What if sharing my pain and joy were actually a gift?  When I don’t share what I AUTHENTICALLY have to give, I have hidden my best self at this moment.

Today, let’s gift each other (and especially ourselves!) our authenticity, vulnerability and loving acceptance.

If we each do our part today, perhaps the world will be a little better off tomorrow!