Why Ask Why?

Submitted by Marianne on Tue, 09.09.2014 – 5:01pm

It’s important to know “why”, right?  But why even go there?  Why do different parts of me whine when I wonder about whying?  This can get very complicated when I let it.  Why would I do that – or why not?

The Pro v. Con (fessional) Contribution – Once I become willing to notice and explore “why” I am re-acting (acting once again) in a way that doesn’t seem quite in alignment with who I am today, I might just consider a private-ponder moment.  Hmmm…is this response actually beneficial in this circumstance – or could it be a reaction from something that happened in my past?  Letting go of the why, I create some inner space to ask myself the what, where and when questions…and perhaps discover how that habitual reaction originated.

Eureka! Awareness = Choice. Then, consciously (and gently) acquiescing to a healthier adult-self (or, perhaps even checking in with my future, even-wiser self!) changes predictable outcome. From reaction to traction.  The way I see it, consciously gaining a little ground on the inner battlefield is always a good thing.

The Con (Artist) Confusion – This is where the “Why” questions throw me off-course.  Somewhere near the borders of La-La Land and the Land Before Time, there is a vague awareness of a sneaky-self lurking about; one who engages in “buffet thinking”…this time I can handle it… while somehow KNOWING regret is in my future…these are those engaging “why questions” that eventually abandon me in utter confusion; that is, fused with the illusion that they were legitimate, important (aka, a waste of time) and once I find THE answers, all my problems will be solved!  And, then, to make matters worse, what to my wandering eyes should appear?  Distraction, defense, drama; judgment, jury, jester; controller, crtic, cop-out…and naturally, a miniature sleigh with eight tiny reindeer!! Wait, wait, stop!  Where did I go?!  What happened to my focus?  That creative ego (see, that’s WHY it is a con-artist) has me so lost I forgot I was going somewhere.

Heavy Sigh.  Alas, once I finally land again (probably somewhere on the south pole) guess what question awaits me? “WHY did I do that again?!”   Vaguely familiar –  I’m somewhere in the Y hood. But this time, no Eureka.  I’m in Y-Reka…and I’m not talking California cities.  But suddenly, the freedom once found in the “Why” questions has started to reek with avoidance.

(Non) Prophet Perspective –  Even if/when I get all the answers to all my whys – then what?  What new trick will my ego (that creative con-artist) try?  Remember, it’s job is to keep me stuck in the why’s – to stay afraid of the WISE. From experience, I know whatever it’s next gimmick is, it probably has a FOOL-PROOF GUARANTEE: It will exhaust and/or distract (mentally, physically or emotionally) this poor fool just enough to keep me from taking the next indicated step.

Wait, what if I don’t?  Two can play (yeah, make it fun!) at this game!  New tactic: I am going to pretend that I already know all the answers to all my damn “why” questions. OK, great.  DONE. NOW what wise action will I take?  OK, do that.

The Wise Mind keeps trying to explain to the “why’s? mind” – It’s all actually pretty simple:  Tune in.  Trust.  Try it.  New Tactic as Necessary.  Have Fun.

Why ask for anything more?