In just a few sessions, Marianne has helped me discover — remember — my essence, which is the love and light I came into the world with.  For years, I had had a gloomy outlook on the future, but with Marianne’s expert listening, questioning and affirming, I can now see all the colors of wonder, joy and hope ahead.  Thank you, Marianne, for helping me turn the gray into a rainbow!

Heidi D., Teacher, Inland Empire

Marianne is a friend and colleague in the world of healing, awakening and personal development. I have consistently watched her hold the highest vision in challenging situations, and that is truly a light that leads the way for others. She has also organized ten wonderful healing events for me over the years, always with the intent that those attending will walk away more inspired. Thanks, Marianne, for all the gifts you bring and the open heart you are!

Charley Thweatt, Inspired Acoustic Music, Santa Cruz, CA musicangel.com

I can whole heartedly recommend working with Marianne. She has been my coach on and off for six years now. Every time I bring myself back to the coaching process with her I feel so grateful for doing so. Marianne holds such a gentle loving space yet she’s got an inner strength that guides us both in the process. She has a strong and clear connection to spirit that is felt during the session. Marianne has been called to this loving service to guide others on their journey and we are blessed for that. Her own commitment to deep and honest self-inquisitive habits provide a solid base for her client to grow. She can see the beauty in you unconditionally and is gifted at reflecting that back to you while assisting you in moving forward as fast as you are willing. She is a gift that we all deserve.

Kathryn Y., Professional Photographer, Inland Empire, CA

I am here in my humanity to laugh at my foibles and connect with truth in other amazing beings. YOU are so one of those people.

Susan Kay Wyatt, Singer, Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

Marianne is the most committed and compassionate coach I know who has the true skill of being present to her clients’ needs and allowing the space for growth and transformation. I’ve witnessed her in action and her intuitive approach is inspiring. Anyone that is lucky enough to be in her presence in a team or group setting will realize that she is a valuable contributor and a powerful leader, and anyone that is looking to hire her for personal coaching will no doubt be fully supported by Marianne to create true lasting change.

Mina Watkins, ACC, Expert Coach, Speaker, andAuthor, Orange County, CA

If you are seriously ready to stop the pain, the addictions, the confusion, and the excuses and get on with the life and purpose you came to live, then, seriously, stop what you’re doing right now and call Marianne. She is a gifted coach and will get you off your butt and “on purpose.”

Kathryn L., Copy Editor/Singer, Orange County, CA 

Marianne Wagner is a skilled coach who offers you her heart & insights, affording you the emotional space to make change and heal your life.

Maggie H., Master of Public Health, Certified Health Education Specialist, Inland Empire, CA

Marianne is a wise soul, gifted with a loving heart and a keen intellect.  She is naturally perceptive and has the ability to strike at the heart of an issue quickly.  Rather than directing, she gently guides your attention to those persistent blind spots, and with humor and grace, opens the door to new possibilities.  She is truly passionate about her work and I feel blessed by her presence in my life.

Diane F., Orange County, CA

If you want peace, love and a calming way of life, this is where you can start the journey. Marianne’s expertise is vast and her skills are endless. Your time with her will be of great value and the start of deeper connections in all aspects of life.

Jennifer H., Educator, Orange County, CA

Thank you for the awesome coaching this weekend.  You worked with me in finding a name for my new business.  After some discussion and inquiry, we came up with the perfect name and tag line for my business name and business cards… your expertise in asking the questions that lead me into realizing what would be the perfect business name for me!  Your insight into this process made a difference…thank you very much for sharing your light and brilliance! 

Laura D., Life Coach, San Diego

I must admit I was one of those who felt life coaching could be important for others, but since I was the “master of my own destiny” failed to see the benefit for me. Marianne changed that. She listened carefully as I described a long-held goal … one I put on my “someday” list. I thought fondly of the possibility, but took no action. Prior to Marianne’s coaching, my fond thoughts were quickly overtaken by daily responsibilities. Marianne gave me permission to take action. She helped me define some simple steps that I could take to begin the journey toward my goal. My actions created a new reality. Marianne has helped me define my course and stay on track…with the help that only a professional coach can provide. I now have confidence that I will achieve my goal and discover even greater happiness.

John S., President, The Strickler Association, Inland Empire, CA

Marianne Wagner…amazing Conscious Creation Life Coach…penetrating and profound Truth Sleuth… have benefited greatly from her keen insights and powerful questions.  Indeed, Marianne is all about asking impactful questions that lead the client to discovery—in the most nonjudgmental and loving manner.  What’s interesting is that her techniques are so subtle you don’t really feel like you’re in a coaching session.  From being coached by Marianne, I have grown in self-acceptance by working on letting go of a detrimental pattern…and have begun to see that what most often gets in my way in life is the story I’m telling myself. I am grateful to Marianne, and hope to continue working with her in the future.  I also highly recommend her to anyone trying to align their actions with their creativity and life purpose.

Teri W., Los Angeles, CA