Why Ask Why?

Submitted by Marianne on Tue, 09.09.2014 – 5:01pm

It’s important to know “why”, right?  But why even go there?  Why do different parts of me whine when I wonder about whying?  This can get very complicated when I let it.  Why would I do that – or why not?


Submitted by Marianne on Fri, 09.28.2018 – 5:01pm

Unless, of course, you feel compelled to do so. If you are with me thus far, perhaps something is urging you forward, in which case, please join me in proceeding. As I write, I am vaguely aware of a battle going on inside my brain. Should I write this? Is it stupid? Is it a waste of time? What’s the point…after all, there has to be a point. As my thoughts prattle on, so does my pen. Hmmm, interesting. I wonder where this is going.

Fire Work for Freedom

Submitted by Marianne on Sun, 06.29.2014 – 4:57pm

Where I won’t look, I hook. It is probably human nature to avoid looking at our shadow sides; to take responsibility for what is showing up.  Who/What pisses us off, when we get triggered, where we get upset – it’s so much “easier” to blame “them” or the “circumstances.” Yet I see over and over again – with both myself and my clients – that there is always a treasure to be found when we are willing to dive deeper.